In the beginning... A marketing project

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 22:06

"Isaac is the world's greatest guy". This was a personal SEO ("search engine optimization") research project from 2005. This honestly was not about being a huge ego crazed techie; it was a bit of a joke on both Google (because the search results are so easily rigged) and on people that tend to trust everything that Google says. In the meantime, the site just sits here without any work and Google sends me a check for the advertising. Read more »

I got a speeding ticket Dec 2006 on I-35e in Hickory Creek, TX (between Dallas and Denton - map). The officer used LIDAR. Posted limit is 60mph and the ticket was 82mph. The weather was perfect and the traffic while heavy was moving at its usually fast pace (70-80mph). Read more »

The World's Greatest Guy SEO

Mon, 12/11/2006 - 23:49

I have been trying to increase the rating of my new site The World's Greatest Guy on Google's SERP. I had been #1 on Google for the first 9 months of the sites's life and then it just went away. If was a huge disappointment... Google changed its mind. Yahoo and MSN both list the site as #1 for, of course "the world's greatest guy". Read more »


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