Where is my room?

Thu, 03/22/2007 - 00:53

I recently stayed at a Hilton property, Squaw Peak Resort, in Phoenix. I was disappointed by some very basic issues that the local managment seemed carelessness to over look. Namely, how to offer directions for the huge location. Here is a copy of the letter I sent regarding the issue.

Squaw Peak Resort

7677 North 16th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85020

I recently stayed at your Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort and while the property was clean and quite large, absolutely no thought was put into directing quest through the massive complex. After eating at one of the onsite restaurants, our group checked in for room assignments. The front desk gave the three of us a few quick hand gestures and building descriptions on how to find our rooms. Not fully realizing what challenge waited for us in the darkness outside, I assumed that finding my room would be easy. No map was given to our party and no golf cart ride was offered. After walking through 3 parking lots, one convention center and past 3 other rooming buildings we stumbled on our North Point building. No signs are present anywhere to indicate direction and none of the buildings are marked.

The next night a fourth colleague was going to join us for dinner. After checking in at the front desk a cart ride was offered to help him find his room in the dark night. The driver would not wait the 2 minutes for the guest to just drop off his bags and so he was left behind. Again no maps were given out, no maps are present in the rooms and he had no idea how to get back the lobby. Despite having us on the mobile offering meager suggestions he walked the property for 15-20 minutes before locating the front desk.

Although I typically enjoy staying with Hilton in my business travels, I am completely shocked at the lack of planning, management and thoughtfulness present at the Squaw Peak Resort. None of the buildings had exterior markings and only a few small signs were visible from inside each building complex. The only map I could find was in my room and it offered an isolated view of the properties water park but not the entire site. So I still have no idea where the water park is, but assuming that I had stumbled into the water park I could then identify its attractions.

I may not be in the hotel business, but common sense and a client focus would dictate the following: Buildings should be clearly marked on their exterior. Signs should be posted at regular intervals indicating the direction to main buildings (gym, lobby, meeting rooms). Maps should be included with each room key at check in and additional maps in each room. Staff should offer cart service at dark and the staff should be willing to wait for a few minutes if the guest requests a round trip. There is no bigger disappointment than sloppy management and general thoughtlessness.


Isaac Bowman




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