Hallmark cards

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 22:03

Dear World's Greatest Guy,

What is the deal with $4 Hallmark cards? We pay $4 for a card so we don't 'have to' waste time writing it out. I don't understand why my wife wants to spend hours trying to write a short story into her cards. Wouldn't a letter be cheaper?


Hallmark cards or any of the other, pre-filled out cards pass along wonderful stories or feelings to the reader and a feeling that the card was picked out just for them.

I understand your frustration. After spending $4 for a folded piece of paper a guys job should be done. But this is not the case. No you assumed correctly that much thought most go into 'picking out the card' but even more wit most be displayed on the few (or many) mords that we pen into the dainty little paper. It is these words that truely state 'who we are' and if we really care.

If it makes you feel better, try creating your own card, perhaps a humorous adoption of another card! This extra effort will go much further than your carefully structured sentences due to the Male Martha coming out in your creativity.

World's Greatest Guy



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