Guy Rule - Guys do like to shop

Sat, 11/03/2007 - 01:06

The problem is a miscomunication. Shopping to a man means an entirely different thing than shoppng for a girl. Sure we hear it all of the time, men hate to shop. But actually that is simlpy not true. Men love to shop. We adore shopping. We crave the textile feel of new things in our fingertips. Confussed? You see its just a matter of terms, definitions really. From my point of view woman hate to shop. They abhore shopping. They can't stand to look at new things let alone touch or feel them. I can barely drag my wife into an electronic store, forget spending an hour at Home Depot, Sears Hardware or a Sports Store. I am not a lawyer or anything but there is a bit of a double standard here.You see the woman desires that we 'shop with them' not that they just want us to 'shop' in general. I wouldn't mind having them spend an entire day shopping with ME. But alas that is not how the system works. We all know this but we are ignorant to the language of communication. Women have us in a very special position when it comes time to 'shop'. You see shopping never happens in the morning before work on a Monday. Oh no. In a twisted plot by the all powerful women of retail; shoping hours are on weekday nights, typically Wednesday to Friday and of course the pivitol weekend. Face it, Monday morning is about your only chance at holding any kind of defensive ground without jepardizing the weighted, statistical likelyhood of having sex. If you had any luck at all, then you just had a lucky weekend and could hold strong until Thursday. But nooooo. It is Thursday. The pressure is on, the game is a foot and now you have to shop. Woman style shopping. No tools, No electronics. oh what a delicate web we weave.



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