I am beginning the plans of a new house... electrical, plumping, LAN, security, and Home automation. And one of the first new toy that I bought was a label maker. Yes my new exciting label making will instantly make me a wiring guru and first class professional.

Maybe not but it sure is going to make running all of the those wires a lot more fun! Now I get to plan a whole wiring scheme for my new construction. Read more »


Open a Master Padlock with a Beer can

Wed, 09/20/2006 - 12:37

Now I know that most people can claim to do anything while opening (and of course drinking) beer. But I just came across a great hack using the tin from a beer can to rig a shim that can open a Master Padlock. You know what a Master Padlock is right? They are the ones that are supposed to be master of lock security. Let also make the disclaimer on why people should know how easy it is to defeat your common lock.

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