Guy Rule - Guys do like to shop

Sat, 11/03/2007 - 01:06

The problem is a miscomunication. Shopping to a man means an entirely different thing than shoppng for a girl. Sure we hear it all of the time, men hate to shop. But actually that is simlpy not true. Men love to shop. We adore shopping. We crave the textile feel of new things in our fingertips. Confussed? Read more »


If you want flowers (an organic gift that typically costs over $50 and 'dies' about 5 days later) you better tell us and give some directions. Sure we can assume, based on cultural references and the overwhelming desire for our own 'personal favors', that you might want flowers but face it... its just not something that makes sense. They die. Dead, wilted masses of organic waste that get thrown out a few days after purchase. Read more »



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