Who thought you could improve on a light? Well it was not that long ago that they started putting LEDs into tail lights of cars to improve visibility and endurance. Now they saying that a flashing light attracts more attention than a solid one.  Hmmmmm... I guess that makes pretty good sense. Man those scientists are brilliant! Read more »

The World's Greatest Eyeglasses

Mon, 11/20/2006 - 21:32

So I need to buy a new pair of eyeglasses as mine are well run down. I have been wearing the contacts far too long and now I need a fresh alternative. I am also a big fan of camping and sticking a dirty finger into my eye socket is a huge turn off to contacts over eyeglasses.

So I was very excited to find this post on a blogger that recently saved about 1000% on his recent purchase.

Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers Read more »


I just watched 007 Casino Royal and I really did appreciate that it was a 'darker film' than some of the more recent Bond flicks. There had turned more and more cartoonish as the series progressed.

This next version was edgy and hard where the other were not with less CGI effects and more real action scenes. I think the film should have gone back in time by setting the film in the middle of the Cold War. It was already presenting itself as the beginning of Bond by giving him his 'double O' status at the very start of the film. Read more »

When fiction becomes fact

Wed, 10/25/2006 - 21:45

Here is an article about a book that I think I will read (great for a rainy weekend)...

"The Yale Book of Quotations" has a simple thesis: famous quotes are often misquoted and misattributed. Sometimes they are never said at all but are, instead, little fictions that have forged their way into public consciousness.

It seems that I am constantly amazed by two things: The really cool features found on overseas mobile phones and 2) that US phones are constantly lagging behind.

With the way that US markets devour techie gadgets with disposable incomes, I am always surprised that companies don't include these features right away. Even 6-12 months later would be one thing, normally "IF" the US gets a feature it will be about 2 years after the fact. Read more »

I have been looking into a way to check flight status from my cell phone with a text message or SMS. I thought about Google since it already has a pretty good mobile search function. But after a few tests I realized that it would not give me the results I needed. Then I found a really cool tool for finding flight status on your cell phone. It's called 4INFO. Read more »

I recently watched a movie called "Who Killed the Electric Car" and yes it was a little biased as they did present electric cars as the only salvation of the future. At the time, only a week ago, I was complaining that this movie's opinion of EV success was a little short as the battery capacity of EV cars failed to satisfy anyone outside of Hollywood. What's good for Mel Gibson may not be good for me.

Then I heard about EEStor's top secret ultra capacitor. Read more »

Video Gaming on XP with a clean boot

Sun, 09/24/2006 - 02:14

The following was provided by Microsoft as a way to disable extra services from loading on your PC if your interest is only in playing games.

The entire article is available here . It includes the how to for ME and Win98 although I am not sure how many of you are interested in gaming in Win98.

Games: How to perform a clean boot to prevent background programs from interfering with play Read more »


Laser Pointer to the Max

Sat, 09/23/2006 - 17:15

A company called Wicked Lasers offers more than a simple pointing device. These things are fire starters. Prices range from $99-$3499. But if you need a 300mW laser and a range of 120 miles this is the place to turn to for your Star Wars needs.


Burn through plastic and start fires the hi-tech way!



Open a Master Padlock with a Beer can

Wed, 09/20/2006 - 12:37

Now I know that most people can claim to do anything while opening (and of course drinking) beer. But I just came across a great hack using the tin from a beer can to rig a shim that can open a Master Padlock. You know what a Master Padlock is right? They are the ones that are supposed to be master of lock security. Let also make the disclaimer on why people should know how easy it is to defeat your common lock.

  Read more »



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