From the US Today website :

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it collected more than 9 tons of oversized bottled items at the airport — mostly alcohol and perfume — from October through January.


I got a speeding ticket Dec 2006 on I-35e in Hickory Creek, TX (between Dallas and Denton - map). The officer used LIDAR. Posted limit is 60mph and the ticket was 82mph. The weather was perfect and the traffic while heavy was moving at its usually fast pace (70-80mph). Read more »

The US Air Force has assigned the 'X' status to the new Scramjet powered X-51. The X was first used in the 1940s to identify eXperimental supersonic aircraft. Read more »


I am beginning the plans of a new house... electrical, plumping, LAN, security, and Home automation. And one of the first new toy that I bought was a label maker. Yes my new exciting label making will instantly make me a wiring guru and first class professional.

Maybe not but it sure is going to make running all of the those wires a lot more fun! Now I get to plan a whole wiring scheme for my new construction. Read more »


Free Air Miles and Hotel Stay

Tue, 12/19/2006 - 15:49

The World's Greatest Guy has found a great deal for big travelers. Here is the run down. Read more »


The World's Greatest Guy SEO

Mon, 12/11/2006 - 23:49

I have been trying to increase the rating of my new site The World's Greatest Guy on Google's SERP. I had been #1 on Google for the first 9 months of the sites's life and then it just went away. If was a huge disappointment... Google changed its mind. Yahoo and MSN both list the site as #1 for, of course "the world's greatest guy". Read more »

I was just watching the Today show on NBC and they had a story about how YouTube was aiding criminals by hosting videos on how to defeat locks through lock picking. Read more »

I was watching the 2006 F1 race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway from ITV1 , a UK station, and they had a great side story about this school program called "F1 in Schools" which gives kids a chance to learn about engineering and project management. Read more »

Subaru is to honour rally legend Richard Burns, who died tragically of brain cancer last year (2005), with a dedicated version of the Impreza WRX STI labeled as the RB320 and I want it bad!!! Another one of the world's greatest car collections.


Impreza WRX STI RB320 - the world's greatest car

  Read more »

Okay I have always that the the Ariel Atom was a very cool racecar but now Top Gear has a gone and proved what makes this one of the world's greatest car. They took it to the Nürburgring and tracked it against some of the other world's greatest cars.

For about $40,000 this car can out run Porches and Lambos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The car has a power-to-weight ratio of 660bhp per ton. And a 0-60mph time of about 2.9 seconds. Read more »


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