The World's Strongest Beer

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 01:21


Tactical Nuclear Penguin is bottled by Scottish company Brewdog and this stuff if nuclear. They claim that at 32% alcohol this is the world's strongest beer. That puts it in the same strength as spirits so this is not your typical guzzle bottle. BrewDog has had a bit of a past in mocking those against higher alcohol beers; even making a low alcohol brand just for them and calling it Nancy State.

world's stongest beer


Not to say that fencing has a high likely hood of brain  damaging injuries, but the pose that you strike after blacking out may reveal if you have some major issues on reviving.


Check out the complete story at Mind Hacks website.

The World's Great Shopping Cart

Sat, 09/05/2009 - 17:45

This is truly an amazing grocery/shopping cart. Just think of how much shopping you could get done with a cart like this one!


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In the beginning... A marketing project

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 22:06

"Isaac is the world's greatest guy". This was a personal SEO ("search engine optimization") research project from 2005. This honestly was not about being a huge ego crazed techie; it was a bit of a joke on both Google (because the search results are so easily rigged) and on people that tend to trust everything that Google says. In the meantime, the site just sits here without any work and Google sends me a check for the advertising. Read more »

Hallmark cards

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 22:03

Dear World's Greatest Guy,

What is the deal with $4 Hallmark cards? We pay $4 for a card so we don't 'have to' waste time writing it out. I don't understand why my wife wants to spend hours trying to write a short story into her cards. Wouldn't a letter be cheaper?


Hallmark cards or any of the other, pre-filled out cards pass along wonderful stories or feelings to the reader and a feeling that the card was picked out just for them. Read more »


My wife says I don't clean

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 22:03

Dear World's Greatest Guy,

My wife complains that I don't clean well enough but the truth is she only cleans what 'she' thinks is important. What should I do?


It is very common for all of us, both men and women, to emphasize certain details over another in all manner of our lives. The way we work, drive, eat or play is mostly 'better' than the way other people do the exact same tasks. Read more »


Koenigsegg Official Website

The Koenigsegg CC is attributed with being awarded the fastest ever speeding ticket, 242mph in Texas, USA, during the Gumball 3000 rally race of 2003. The driver even talks his way out of a ticket! It could just be the movie magic since getting a 242 mph ticket is not something that Koenigsegg advertises on its website, but if you and I believe it then that's all that matters. Read more »

As either a professional traveler, or a serious drinker, you may want to blend in with the locals. What better way then to share a drink and toast in the local language. Also if you are throwing a party and have  featured drink, make the evening even better by introducing your guests to the toast that goes along with their drink. Read more »

Yearly Dentist Visits Useless?

Tue, 09/09/2008 - 10:56

Oh sweet vindication. I go to the dentist every couple of years, just never had the desire to go more regularly. And I never ask to see the actual dentist as I trust the technician to spot potential issues. Now I read this article from The New York Times Freakonomics that seems to add even more question to the cleaning of teeth... Read more »

No Luck for Free Previews

Thu, 01/17/2008 - 10:43

I tried to see the preview for Cloverfield last night. My brother got there 45min early to save a place in line and we missed it by 10 people. The Paramount rep handed out fliers that said if you go to you can register for free preview passes that get emailed to you (print on your PC with a bar code). Sounded like a cool idea, Hoorah Hollywood! But if you go to the site its locked down! 401 Authorization Required, not even a site just a lockdown. Read more »


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