As either a professional traveler, or a serious drinker, you may want to blend in with the locals. What better way then to share a drink and toast in the local language. Also if you are throwing a party and have  featured drink, make the evening even better by introducing your guests to the toast that goes along with their drink.

  • German "Prost" means to your health,
  • Skandinavia say "skol"
  • Spanish its "salud"
  • Russians say "Na zdrovia"
  • Dutch slogan is "Proost"
  • Swahili just in case "Oogywawa"
  • Japanese would claim "Kampai" (cam pie) means "dry your cup"
  • Hebrew life water is "L'Chaim" (li ki' am) means "toast of life"
  • Irish say "Slainte"
  • Greeks say “Yasas"
  • French will toast “A votre sante"


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