No Luck for Free Previews

Thu, 01/17/2008 - 10:43

I tried to see the preview for Cloverfield last night. My brother got there 45min early to save a place in line and we missed it by 10 people. The Paramount rep handed out fliers that said if you go to you can register for free preview passes that get emailed to you (print on your PC with a bar code). Sounded like a cool idea, Hoorah Hollywood! But if you go to the site its locked down! 401 Authorization Required, not even a site just a lockdown. Must be some kind of new DRM control for websites. Go figure... Hollywood wants to get techie with their movie passes but locks out all of the potential users. Just a note from one web guy to another. If you are even thinking of building a site. If the domain name even exists. Put up a landing page. Its like virtually free dude and it prevents people like me from getting pissed. By the way I decided to see Juno instead and it was hilarious (subject matter of teenage pregnancy aside).


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