Well I love the Koenigsegg Story which supposidely holds the world's record for the fastest speeding ticket in a car. But I just found this story about the fastest motorcycle ticket. In the fall of 2004 Minnesota State Patrol caught a bike doing 205.11 miles per hour. The rider's speed was recorded from an airplane by Al Loney over U.S. Route 61. Air patrols use a stop watch to record the time it takes a vehicle to pass between to known distances, usually it has been previously measured from the ground. 205.11 mph is 300.83 feet per second! Which Al Loney measured in 4.39 seconds. So to solve for miles per hour the officer uses: MPH=(FPS*3600)/5280 The whole formula is only as accurate as the perceived distance traveled and the recorded time.  If the distance (1,320.6 feet in this case) is off by say 10 feet and the officer's reaction time is off by .20 seconds (referred to as Go/No-Go Reaction Times) then the speed could have been 193MPH which is still pretty fast.   For reference here is the USA Today story and one from Fox News.


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