Bionic Woman Needs to Work Out

Thu, 11/08/2007 - 23:22

Okay maybe it's just me but I thought the Bionic Woman was like bionically strong or something. But after watching a few shows I think her software has a glitch. I say a glitch because that is the only way that I can rationalize what I see on the screen. You see one minute she can kick in this huge metal door or bend steel but then she has to kick and punch the same bad guy like 20 times. Do you sense some discontinuity?   I still enjoy watching the show but it is a little hard to follow when I cannot tell if everyone that she fights is also Bionic. Her ninja trainer 'has to be' bionic because she hits him all of the time and he can still talk and chew his food. But the 'glitch' sets in during the second show when she bruises some guy's ribs while making out with him in the bathroom. Hmmmm... darn software 'glitches'.   Perhaps its just a minor thing, and I know it drives my wife crazy when I complain about this sort of thing, but what upsets me is I feel just a bit insulted that some producer/writer thinks that I (the general audience) is not smart enough to notice. So in one scene the heroine smashes through a door (looks cool) and then in another scene she struggles with 2 guys to create suspense. Bionic just switches on and off I guess. Let's all band together and make up our own sub-plot with 'glitches' so we can make the story more coherent. And the 'glitches' were caused by really lazy software 'writers' that didn't take the time to 'proof' their work. Yeah now I can enjoy the show. Those silly writers...


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