Starwood Hotels will match your Airline Flier status to Gold. You have to be a little pushy as this is supposed to be an offer from the Airline and not the Hotel. But that sounds impossible to me. Here are some copies of the emails so you can try this offer yourself.

Dear World's Greatest Guy,

Thank you for your email reply. I welcome this opportunity to assist you further.

First allow me to apologize for the confusion and frustration you have experienced as a result of this. In regards to the status matching you have referenced, this is a promotion that is offered through your airline frequent flyer account. Your airline, in this case American Airlines, normally would send you the offer to upgrade your Starwood Preferred Guest account to the Gold level. Along with this offer, you would be required to have all Starpoints credited to your account automatically transferred to your frequent flyer account.

As you did not receive this offer from your frequent flyer account, I am pleased to advise you that we have upgraded your account to the Gold Preferred level of membership. Please keep in mind that all renewals and membership levels in the Starwood Preferred Guest program are based on the number of stays a member has in a calendar year; the Gold Preferred level membership requires a minimum of ten stays or twenty-five room nights in a calendar year.

As a Starwood Gold Preferred Guest, you will receive:

-Two Starpoints per US dollar spent on eligible charges plus a 50% bonus on base points earned
-Guaranteed late check-out of up to 4:00 p.m., subject to availability at resorts
-Upgrade to a Preferred room, subject to availability at time of check-in
-Check cashing privileges up to US$ 300.00 or equivalent per stay
-The ability to earn Starpoints for dining at Starwood dining outlets, even if you are not a registered guest (US$10.00 minimum)
-Personal profile information
-Choice of National or Financial weekday newspaper
-Pre-blocked and pre-keyed room on day of arrival
-Personalized, fast, and efficient check-in
-Unlimited ability to transfer Starpoints between two accounts in same household
-Gold Preferred membership credentials

Below I have provided a link to all of our Airline partners for you to view at your convenience that will give their website addresses, transfer ratios and contact information Please click here.

As a gesture of goodwill, I have requested that 1,000 Starpoints be credited to your account for the inconvenience. Please allow seven to ten days to see this credit.

We appreciate your patronage of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. If you have any further customer service questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Best Regards,


Specialist, E-Communications Department
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide


The Original issue?


Sent: 26 Mar 07 15:56:57
Subject: Benefit Clarifications

From: The World's Greatest Guy

Comments: This is just ridiculous. I should not have to send repeated emails for a very simple question. Will you match my AAdvantage Platinum status with your hotels' Gold status? Very simple and yet every email I received warranted more time and questions on my part.

The next logical question, not answered prior, is which airlines and how do I contact them? I need a Phone number and ref person or dept.

I realize per the first two emails that "This promotion is not done through Starwood or Sheraton it is with the airline companies" but there must be a relationship between You and the Airline for this matching to occur and I assume that it is in your hotels best interests for me to stay with you so why am I pulling teeth to get this done? IF you don't offer the status matching that's fine, no big deal. What flat out shocks me is that it appears that in some masked fashion you DO but no one wants to explain the HOW.

The fact that your company offers email communication is great, But the responses should assist me in getting to the details of what I clearly want/need rather than vague references meant to send me away from your business.

I hope that you can give me a clear answer and if not you can pass me to someone that can.

cc'd to the Starwood Preferred Guest contact website.

Isaac Bowman

aka The World's Greatest Guy
Mgr Tech Consulting 



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