I am beginning the plans of a new house... electrical, plumping, LAN, security, and Home automation. And one of the first new toy that I bought was a label maker. Yes my new exciting label making will instantly make me a wiring guru and first class professional.

Maybe not but it sure is going to make running all of the those wires a lot more fun! Now I get to plan a whole wiring scheme for my new construction.

I bought it online from Staples. Normally $99 they are offering a $50 rebate and it includes a free tape, which normally costs $17. So in my rationalized mind that makes my new toy only $33!!!

Brother P-Touch PT-1400


Now I am a labeling machine and nothing is immune to my new powers. That means I can now put my own mark on my cellphones, laptops and every other little device. It prints barcodes (a got a have), 2 lines, flags for cables (yeah that new house project) and hundreds of uses.

How did I ever live without this thing! I need to throw a label party.

What do you use your labels for?



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