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The Koenigsegg CC is attributed with being awarded the fastest ever speeding ticket, 242mph in Texas, USA, during the Gumball 3000 rally race of 2003. The driver even talks his way out of a ticket! It could just be the movie magic since getting a 242 mph ticket is not something that Koenigsegg advertises on its website, but if you and I believe it then that's all that matters.

Okay, the car above isn't the one that got a 242 mph speeding ticket. But this CCX is the big bad brother of the fastest ticketed car in the world. This car was shown on the UK auto show, Top Gear. In 2006 season 8 episode 1, the Koenigsegg CCX posted a 1:20.4 time around their track.The fastest time till then was 1:19 and their drivers stated that this car could beat that time if it had a rear spoiler installed. If Youtube hasn't yanked the video you should be able to watch the amazing Top Gear CCX crash.


Koenigsegg speeding ticket


Search YouTube for "Top Gear CCX crash". YouTube removes this amazing crash video of the CCX on Top Geat but you can always find a new copy.

The Koenigsegg CCX came back to the show with a rear spoiler and posted a new lap record on the UK Motor Program Top Gear (the 28th of may). The CCX, driven by the infamous Stig, achieved a lap time of 1.17.6, slashing the previous lap record of 1.18.4.

Koenigsegg speeding ticket

This is a car that tops 90 km (242 mph). So maybe its true about the 242 mph speeding ticket? I am a believer.


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