I just watched 007 Casino Royal and I really did appreciate that it was a 'darker film' than some of the more recent Bond flicks. There had turned more and more cartoonish as the series progressed.

This next version was edgy and hard where the other were not with less CGI effects and more real action scenes. I think the film should have gone back in time by setting the film in the middle of the Cold War. It was already presenting itself as the beginning of Bond by giving him his 'double O' status at the very start of the film.

What really turned me off was seeing James Bond drive a 4-door Ford Mondeo. Not my idea of the World's Greatest Bond Car.

Myles Romero, head of Ford's global brand entertainment shop in Beverly Hills, Calif., is in charge of keeping the company's products in front of the movie screen and your TV sets. I saw one claim that Ford paid 14 million pounds for the ad placements.

He told BrandWeek, "We audition our vehicles, and it's not always about what would work, but also what they want. For the opening of Casino Royale, we had several cars looked at. The Mondeo is very European and the filmmakers were interested in that car in that it reflected Bond at his best."

Well I have not driven the car but somehow I do not envision it as "Bond at his best". Even if Top Gear loves the car.

Sony also placed several of their products into the film. Sony Vaio laptop and a white Sony Ericsson K618 cellphone.

I believe that with people tuning out traditional advertisements in TV, print and radio, that we will be seeing more and more of these product plugs in the shows that we watch. Personally I would prefer the product plug over many of the commercial ads I typically have to set through.



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