The World's Greatest Guy SEO

Mon, 12/11/2006 - 23:49

I have been trying to increase the rating of my new site The World's Greatest Guy on Google's SERP. I had been #1 on Google for the first 9 months of the sites's life and then it just went away. If was a huge disappointment... Google changed its mind. Yahoo and MSN both list the site as #1 for, of course "the world's greatest guy".

I had left the site alone for too long while gearing up at a new job but the past week I started making an effort again... more posts, backing linking and some free PR releases. I got super excited when this evening I noticed that I was #1 again on Google... but that was searching through the work VPN. When I searched with the desktop the results "SERP" was the same as before. The reason?

Google has huge datacenters and my work VPN was running on a Google server that did think I was 'the worlds greatest guy'. The crummy servers I was hitting from I home did not get the memo about 'the world's greatest guy'.

To find the newest lists of Google data centers Google "list google data centers". Sources show that there are 40 Google Data Center's running a total of 122 clusters and as of June 2006 there were 519 active IP addresses. Literally running 10,000 of servers.

Here are the results from McDar Search Tools

Google IP Address My SERP Postion - (4) DCs 1 - (2) DCs 452 - (4) DCs 1 - (2) DCs 1 - (3) DCs 1 - (2) DCs 1 - (4) DCs 1 - (1) DCs 1 - (4) DCs 1 - (2) DCs 1 - (2) DCs 1

Okay, I love all of the 1's but its the Google data center that lists me as the 452 result that just 'happens' to be MY default Google data center. It is very depressing.

Update: the google DC (datacenter) that don't think I am the world's greatest guy.


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