In the beginning... A marketing project

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 22:06

"Isaac is the world's greatest guy". This was a personal SEO ("search engine optimization") research project from 2005. This honestly was not about being a huge ego crazed techie; it was a bit of a joke on both Google (because the search results are so easily rigged) and on people that tend to trust everything that Google says. In the meantime, the site just sits here without any work and Google sends me a check for the advertising.

I find it humorous that now in 2012, people are talking to Siri on their iPhone to get answers but at the same time moving even further from the source of that information. Meanwhile, Google has become threatened not by Yahoo, but crowd sourced social media tools like Twitter and Facebook. In part because search results are so easy to rig.

Some people watch football, personally I enjoy getting paid for my hobbies. So today I continue to use SEO but instead focus my efforts on the search engines built into online marketplaces. By optimizing product keywords, A/B testing and web analytics the various product lines grew to over $4,000 in weekly sales in just 6 months. To maintain growth without investing more personal time, I implemented multi channel sales software to automate the inventory and will soon shift logistics to Amazon's fulfillment centers.


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